Nationals from several countries require visa to visit the United Kingdom (see more information here). If you are planning to attend the SCC 2010 conference, and require a visa, you should get in touch with the conference organisers so that we can prepare a letter to be submitted with your visa application. For the letter we will need full name, title, affiliation and position, as well as an address to which we can send the letter.

Note 1: we will only issue letters to participants who have registered and paid to attend the conference, as well as booked their accommodation. You will need to provide evidence of these when requesting your letter to the conference organisers. Requests without this information will not be considered.

Note 2: application for visa to visit the UK can be time consuming, so we would suggest that you contact the British consulate in your country of residence to check the exact procedure and time frame for visa application/granting before registering to the conference and contacting us.