Prof Alexander May (Ruhr-Universität Bochum, Germany)
Title Correcting Errors in RSA Private Keys
Abstract We show how to reconstruct an RSA private key from an erroneous version of the key in expected polynomial time. Our construction is based on a branch and bound approach and uses the redundancy of RSA private keys in order to employ a maximum likelihood decoding.
(joint work with Wilko Henecka and Alexander Meurer)

Prof Vladimir Gerdt (Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, Moscow, Russia)
Title Involutive Bases as a Tool for Multivariate Polynomials over Finite Fields
Abstract See here for overview of the talk.

Prof Alexei Miasnikov (Stevens Institute - USA and McGill University - Canada)
Title New trends in group-based cryptography
Abstract I will discuss some trends that recently emerged in non-commutative cryptography: surprising properties of random objects and black holes; compression and genericity, complexity amplification in groups.